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After sales
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After sales

Calibration and repair facility in Europe for Ludlum Measurements Inc. instruments and systems.

For many years, Imec has calibrated and repaired handheld detectors as well as portal monitoring systems. Imec has recently improved their technical facility with a new calibration range and new measuring equipment. Imec technicians has participated in repair and calibration training courses in the Ludlum Measurements Inc. factory in Sweetwater, Texas and received Certificates for Completion. The Imec technical facility will also maintain a yearly audit by LMI.

As the only technical service and calibration center in Europe for Ludlum Measurements products, we have the pleasure of serving many European customers.

Regarding the Bruker XRF instruments Imec holds a service stock of the quickly replaceable parts. As Bruker has an excellent performing service center in Berlin, all European XRF service is done there. Regarding the Bruker OES systems all service is done from Bruker in Kalkar (Nordwestern Germany).  

Imec´s services comprise full-scale support and training.

Imec also carries out consultant work like nuclide identification, metal identification or environmental analysis. Establishing security procedures is also one of our competence areas.


After Sales Service


In our capacity as representative for three of the worlds probably best measuring equipment manufacturers, Imec has an important task in communicating the advantages of this equipment in making our environment a safer and healthier place to live. The training of the customers as well as the service of the equipment being equally important.


Imec is dedicated to render a prompt, precise and reliable solution and service to satify our customers in the market area we represent.

This market area is the Nordic countries, Germany (except medical physics), Poland and the Baltic states.


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